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Frequently asked questions

How should I prepare for my tattoo appointment?


  • Make sure your skin in the area getting tattooed is not sunburnt or damaged in any way. Exfoliate for a week or so if you can, but don’t moisturise on the day of your appointment.

  • If you want to shave the area in advance, do it the night before.

  • It’s okay to have a drink or two the night before your tattoo, but don’t overdo it. However good you think you are with a hangover, your body won’t like it. 

  • Eat a good meal before your appointment and bring some sugary snacks/drinks with you. 


What should I bring with me to my tattoo appointment?


  • Sugary snacks and drinks just in case you need a boost.

  • Your ID, in case we need to check your age.

  • An extra jumper or blanket might be handy, as your body can get cold when you’re getting tattooed.


What should I wear to my tattoo appointment?


Wear whatever you are comfortable in, but make sure the area getting tattooed is easy to access. If you have to roll up your sleeves/trousers, just make sure they’re not too tight. If you’re getting your back tattooed, we recommend bringing a button up shirt or cardigan to put on backwards. If you’re getting your leg tattooed, feel free to bring shorts to change into.


Where can I park?

There is no parking at the studio, but you can usually find a free space on a side road. Chessel Avenue and Browning Avenue are just around the corner and you can park for free all day.

Can you tattoo over scars?


Only if they are fully healed (usually about a year old). They need to be settled and white, not fresh and pink.


How do I look after my new tattoo? 


See our aftercare page for our recommendations, but if you have any specific questions feel free to ask your artist on the day.


When can I not get tattooed?


  • If you are pregnant of breastfeeding. 

  • If you are currently taking antibiotics or any blood thinning medication.

  • If you are intoxicated.

  • It’s not ideal to get tattooed if you’re really unwell (think anything worse than the flu), as your immune system will not prioritise the healing of your tattoo and this could lead to infection. If you’re unsure, contact your artist.


How should I book my tattoo? 


Always follow your chosen artists booking process. Make sure you know exactly what you want and be prepared to pay a deposit to secure your appointment. 


Can I use numbing cream before my tattoo appointment?


The short answer is, it depends what you’re having. If you are in for a whole day it is unlikely that the numbing cream will last all day and it will feel a lot worse than usual once it wears off. However if your appointment is only a few hours long, it should be fine. 

If you do choose to use numbing cream, make sure you do a small test patch a few days before your appointment to make sure your skin doesn’t react badly. Also, make sure you wrap up the area with cling film after applying the numbing cream and leave that on until you arrive at the studio. 


How do I pay for my tattoo?  


Cash or bank transfer. We do not have a card machine at the studio.

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